And if you don't know, now you know

We won't get immediate results for the numbers, what we do cannot be measured. It’s a feeling that we inject into people, it's not a new fashion nor a trend. This is it!

I am motivated by the simplicity of thought but driven by a great deal of passion and devotion when it comes to the actual craft poured into an idea. I’m not relying on tired practices because "we've always done it this way".

With a well-thought-out strategy anything is possible, because what we do is not just creating good-looking videos and award-winning ads. It is problem-solving, simplification and world-changing - if it’s done right.

My creative inclinations are shaped by more than 16 years of agency experience in Dubai and Beirut. A confused start from accounting to web design and a couple of complicated jobs kick-started my career.

I have since evolved from a webmaster to an art director and designer, into a team leader who tries to inspire and bring out the creative genius in each member of my team.

My regional insights and competence span 15 markets in the Middle East and North African region, while my international exposure continues to be honed by being part of - and by working closely with - an elite team of multi-awarded executive creative directors from around the world.

My work and creative influence are evident in many pieces of work I’ve done and spearheaded for brands like BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce, Lufthansa, Huawei, Danone, and Continental, among others.


Moe Jawhar
Executive Creative Director