BMW xWalk

Since not everybody might have the opportunity to experience the smart features of a BMW at first hand, we created a really great piece of art, which would help everyone understand.


It’s just so easy. That’s the main benefit and the reason why the programme was created. An animated video was created to explain it.

Driving pleasure ahead digital hub

In this conceptual work we wanted to take communication to the next level, tailored to individual interests and needs, in the future we don't want to only talk to our target group, we want to initiate ongoing conversations with our target individuals

Exceptional Encounters

he region ranks among the world’s top three markets for ultra-luxury automobiles with the target group being comparably young, digitally savvy and social. We created a campaign that was based on a very old photography technique, combined with modern photography, staged on a digital platform. It was the unique story of a professional photographer and Dawn. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Middle East provided Richard Allenby-Pratt.

30 Days of joy

A Celebration of Joy, This Ramadan BMW will celebrate every day with unique and fascinating gifts and experiences that deliver pure joy - 30 days on repeat.

The road less traveled

It's not about what at the end of the road, it's about the joy of getting there.

Joy is coming home

Typically. a BMW belongs on the road - highways, city boulevards, race tracks ... But there's something a BMW can't do without - the driver. A BMW is a car for people who love to drive. The driver shapes a BMW's identity as much as the other way around.

Beyond Native

Three designers from Dubai behind the capsule collection in a launch campaign that included a film, a photoshoot, and a microsite

Go with your gut

Inspiration is everywhere and it can be triggered from millions of things in our lives, this is what drives us to create, innovate and change the way things are, but how to make "the" decision that can change our lives


The Great British Restaurant launch Concept, Communication and identity, unique culinary experience that is undeniably British, & theatrically participatory.


We invited influential start-ups like JadoPado, Careem, and Brownbook to battle it out in what we called the MINI Brandmasters, encouraging them to promote their brand -and our own brand, MINI- in a month-long competition.



The most progressive sports car of this generation, Extreme dynamics and futuristic sustainability efforts make the BMW i8 a car like none other, but most people don't know what make the BMW i8 such and evolutionary car— a car ahead of its time, that's how we wanted to inform them

BMW Stories

Why invent new stories when we can share real ones? We compiled stores in a manifesto of driving pleasure that started a dialogue, there are millions of BMW Stories, what's yours?

Fast is not fast enough

Since forever, Ramadan communication was always the same, all clichés come togther in one months, but for a young and bold brand like MINI, we wanted to do things differently.

Driving pleasure ahead communication platform

How would the future look like, we can't describe it, We can only imagine it, for the next 100 years anniversary, BMW wanted to show how the future looks like in their eyes. "Conceptual work"

Ahead of time

The first ever BMW i8 Master Visual Design.

Original in me

We gave MINI's fans, friends and followers a voice and a reason to celebrate. But see for yourself.

Urban Style

How to communicate the new MINI Paceman, urban attitude, innovation to the creative class, the MINI Paceman experiential activation, concept and rollout.

Lufthansa Rewards

By creating a fully-digital campaign we called “Lufthansa Ramadan Rewards,” we successfully reached the large international target group desired by utilizing strategic Social Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, targeted social media management, and online advertising.

Do what's you

Who’s the creative class and how do they express themselves, they simply do what’s them, for The New MIN Clubman, we created a new positioning line that goes inline with the new CI, Do what’s you.


It’s in the name itself: Zero 6. It’s bold, modern, innovative, self-confident.‘Zero 6’ takes Sharjah’s area code to a higher level - it’s an urban lifestyle destination, a new codex...

Talabat app audio/visual

What easy choice and fast response looks like, using Talabat the fastest free delivery app in the middle east.


BMW Original Parts

Award winning campaign for BMW Original Parts countered the common consumer belief that since counterfeit products look the same they must perform the same.