Rolls-Royce Exceptional Encounters.

We invited Known Photographer Richard Allenby-Pratt  to take Dawn on a journey through the Middle East – a journey through a region where fast-paced modern lifestyle meets living traditions that date back to ancient times; where sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters invite tourists from all over the world to unwind and enjoy, and the beauty and vastness of the desert and the mountains mesmerize urbanites. Its charm and charisma will draw you in – right from the first encounter. Just like the Rolls-Royce Dawn.

Digital Shots


Dawn is a motor car that looks to the future and pushes boundaries in terms of technological finesse and craftsmanship. The camera that Richard used during his journey with Dawn – a more than 50-year old Deardorff & Sons, is still capable of resolution unmatched by digital cameras. Richard used self-developing film to create images of unrivalled character and beauty. The result: Mesmerizing images of one of the most advanced motor cars to date.