With the new MINI brand tonality, MINI is expected to outgrow its self-centered, short-lived character of excitement into a more engaging, enduring, and authentic core of passion.

MINI is not only the first small car to achieve genuine global success, it also has its very own personality. A trendsetter in its own right, MINI sets itself apart through its unique interpretation of style and design. As a lifestyle brand and a starter where others hesitate, with MINI, what you see is what you get. Today the brand has been misunderstood because it abused and misinterpreted the brand pillars and tensions that made it into what it is today - silly, clownish, loud, attention-seeking, superficial- instead of focusing on delivering substance and paying tribute to its humble beginnings as an icon for the rest to look up to.

WHAT IS OUR JOB THEN? Ever since it lost its essence & focused on the wrong touch points, MINI Has become irrelevant. Our job is to refocus on the essentials that really make up MINI: The Customer, here's how we showed it.