i8 Visual Design

We were asked to create a visual design for the BMW i8 Launch in the Middle East, to reflect the future of automotive that is represented in the first BMW i8 ever, a car that is ahead of time, a single visual will be rolled out in 14 Countries in the Middle Eastern markets. 


Finding Depth in Simplicity

Because there are so few elements on a minimalist design, it’s much more obvious when the balance between these elements is off. This is in part why the BMW i8 Visual Design was consisting of 2 main elements.

The rules of the grid is strictly applied to the design, therefore all the components are distributed in a way that feels visually harmonious. However, the use of depth and perspective implies organized chaos, the car is automatically highlighted and in the forefront.

Design Contrast

Contrast is another thing that makes a big difference in the effectiveness of a minimalist design, a slightly darker car placed in front of the camera is eay to notice 

In The Physical World

the same applies in the physical world, bring the main design element to life, working with LED lights to ad harmony to the overall theme, and placing the hero product in the forefront.