MINI launched its Corporate Sales Program but not many knew. Why? Because Corporate Sales was something new to MINI in the middle east, a brand known for its cheeky, provocative, and edgy marketing vibe. MINI also knew that typical forms of B2B promotions were just too boring and hard-selling for companies. Besides, flyers and salesmen were just not MINI's style.

To start talking corporate so that companies would take MINI seriously and show interest in the sales program proved daunting - until we found the formula. Instead of employing its usual witty brand-speak, we let the hardcore masters of successful home-grown brands - speak for and in behalf of MINI. We invited influential start-ups like JadoPado, Careem, and Brownbook to battle it out in what we called the MINI Brandmasters, encouraging them to promote their brand -and our own brand, MINI- in a month-long competition.

Our solution was simple: If corporate didn't like to listen, perhaps they preferred to talk. So we gave them something to talk about. We selected the above-mentioned corporate brands based on their personality, digital footprint, and influence. We gave each a branded MINI for one month, and challenged each one to promote their business the MINI way. The loudest to make social media noise would win their MINI for 6 months, free of charge!