We live in a highly technologized world, surrounded by intelligent inventions, which make our lives more comfortable or more exciting and entertaining. Some innovations are so advanced that it’s not always easy to explain how they work – especially in the automotive industry; you have to experience them to understand their sheer brilliance. Since not everybody might have the opportunity to experience the smart features of a BMW at first hand, we created a really great piece of art, which would help everyone understand…

To let everyone feel BMW xDrive, the intelligent all-wheel drive system, we created a 3D-floor sticker consisting of 50,000 Xs; the BMW xWalk, an optical illusion that gave passers-by an idea of the real life xDrive experience. The feeling: surprisingly smooth.

CD CONTENT: Kazuko Yokoe
CD: Lorenz: Lorenz Langgartner
CD: Franz Röppischer
Lead Motion Design: Dennis Fritz